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Swapping Pioneer head units?

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Hey guys, Ive got a question. I have a pioneer head unit in my 94 camry, just a cheap one. My brother gave me a much better pioneer unit that he didnt want anymore. I went to swap them and everything went fine, same plugs and everything, until I plugged in the new unit. When I was all done, there was a very quiet static noise coming from the rear speakers, even with the car turned off. I swapped back to the other unit and this didnt happen. any ideas on why this would be happening? Im very new to car audio... thanks guys

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might want to check the harness and see if all the wires are the same still the plug might be the same but they might of moved some wires around
Pioneer did change plugs like 3 or 4 years ago. Check to make sure the plugs are the same color.
^^^ I reason I like JVC....they've only began to change cables.....upgrading systems is sooooo easy
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