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Good morning

I'm looking to swap from a rotary drive-line to 4A-** drive-line in my 1983 RX7, so I've started reading up on the 4A-GE.

I can get an 8 valve AE86 very cheap, BUT can I use the engine and transmission as a template for making my front and rear sub-frame? Does the 4V AE86 motor and transmission bolts up the same as the 16V 4A-** motor and transmission?

p.s. Any suggestions on a final 4A variant? I want the lightest engine and transmission possible and would like 120 ft-lb at the crank.
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all A-variants use the same mounting points. im not sure what you mean by 4V, im gonna guess that was a typo and you meant 8. in that case, its the 4a-c engine, and yes the tranny bolts up, they all use the same block design.

id go with a 20V 4age or a 4agze (supercharged). both are front wheel drive, but all you have to do is route some some lines (which is the easiest part really) and mate it to the ae86 rwd tranny (t50).

first time ive heard of somebody swapping in a 4ag-xx engine into a rx7, not the first time ive heard of soembody swapping out a wankel though :lol:. a 20V (165 hp at the fly, n/a screamer, with itb's) or a AE101 (chassis code) MAP 4agze (about 170ish hp, with a buncha low end torque from the s/c) should motor along pretty well in a FB id imagine.
Thanks for the help!
I may go for more power later...

But light will do for now- do you know if there is an 8V with an aluminum block?

Thanks again,
If I go with 16V, how do I find an aluminum block motor?
the 4A series of engines all have cast iron engine blocks, and aluminum heads.
theres not alot of aluminum block yotas running around. your better off getting a f20c or something like that if you set on that. its not like the 4ages are heavy, theyre like 300 lbs.

The f20c would be cool, but I need RWD...
lol thats why i suggested it...f20c=rwd=s2000
Oh ya, that would do it!
wish I had the cash for that setup...
lol ya its steep, have you considered something like a 3sge?
lol ya its steep, have you considered something like a 3sge?
Or better yet, a 3S-GTE?

but will it bolt up to the T50 or is there any RWD transmission it will bolt to?
I'm trying to keep the swap under $2000, so it may be too much anyway :(
But that is a cool motor...
Anybody know if a 2AZFE will bolt up to a T50...
doubt they will, probably need custom bell housing. the 2zzge (celica gt-s) motors use a c60 tranny (same series of tranny as the 4ages), maybe it would? i dont know if the bellhousing are the same, but it would be something to look into. potent motor, plus its aluminum block.
Is there anything wrong with the 4A-FE?
I just bought a Geo Prizm GSi with a 4AGE.
It should do as a donor, but it doesn't have the MAP fuel injection system I wanted. It does have the distributor on the side.
I hope it's what I need...
all the north american 4ages came with airflow meters, no maps. although if you get the wiring harness, ecu and MAP and IAT from a JDM 4age (the gen. of 4age depends on what year the prizm is), its a plug and play install.

does your 4age have "TVIS" written on the intake manifold, if it does, its a bigport, if it doesnt its a smallport.

other alternative would be something like megasquirt.

now youlll need a t50 tranny as well.
I got the T50...
I'll have to work on the rest.
That Geo GSi pulls real strong...
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