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sway bar bushing looks odd

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Hello, everybody!
I am getting clunky noise coming from (seemingly) front passenger suspension side of my '99 Camry, 84000mi. Obviously, it is a very common problem with hundreds threads in here.
Several months ago I've replaced all struts with Tokico Blues. I have not replaced the springs, they looked O.K. I also have not replaced any other parts at the time.
After reading all relevant threads, I am leaning towards replacing front strut mounts, sway bar bushings and end links bushings. I will get Energy Suspension polyurethane 18mm bushings. Tonight I looked under the car to measure the sway bar diameter and noticed that my sway bar bushings look different than in the manual or other pictures. There is a small round rubber split bushing sitting right next to the main bushing on the bar. It is held on the bar by some kind of a steel clamp band. What is it? Do I need to get it replaced and by what? I was unable to insert a picture attachment, but could upload it to a URL if anybody wanted to see it.
Also, I am wondering if I have to replace the entire strut mount or just the bearing. Seems that the mount itself is a pretty sturdy steel housing and the bearing takes most beating. Any suggestions?
Thanks to all who would help.
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i really should look at my haynes manual but working with the rear sway the steel clamp band is what goes around the bushing, and is the thing bolted to the chassis keeping the sway in place.

now i havent seen my front sways (at least not enough to have a mental picture), but im assuming its a similar setup. Maybe there are more than two bushings for the front sway? Make sure to get some synthetic grease for the bushings too, otherwise u'll be hearing a whole world of noise going over bumps.

my money is on the mount.

whats making sounds is probably your strut mounts. I've had all the stuff inspected and things replaced, all except for my mounts. my mechanic suspects those to be whats causing the noise in my car...but its not loud enough to bother me over my music so im going to let it go for the time being.

replacing the endlinks are expensive...something like 70 a pop. I've had to replace one because a the bushing on it ripped. its not necessary to replace it if its not broken.
sway bar bushings

Now I think those small round bushings sitting on the sway bar next to main bushings are just the side stops, keeping the sway bar from slight sideways moving. They turn with the bar, so there should not be any wear in them.
I would also like to have the bushings bolts handy for replacement. Anybody knows the size and length for front and rear bushing brackets bolts?
As far as end links, I am going to replace just their bushings. The Energy Suspension sway bar bushings kit comes with them--handy.
And still, the question remains: do I need to replace the entire strut mount or just its bearing?
Thanks everybody for the help.
if the clunking noise is constant, then it may be the strut mount. If the noise only occurs when you drive over uneven road, it may be the sway bar endlinks.
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