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Well ill start with some background.
about 400 mles into ownership i noticed notchy shifting, hard shifting to 1st and slight grinding into 2nd from 1st...also the cold weather really made it worse...I drove it to 1500miles then did the switch to redline mt-90(full synthetic)
after switching, there is a big difference on cold mornings, not anywhere near as bad, the notchyness has almost gone away, but i still have the slight grind into 2nd and after reading other posts about 1sr gear, its never gonna get better(I can live with that)
all in all it helped, i put about 100 miles on it since the switch, and there seems to be no problems with the change, its no miracle cure, but its worth 30 bucks.

the change was easy, 24 mm bolts. about 2.7q mt-90, and 27lbs torque on reinstall
4 dollar handpump from auto parts store and thats it.

I just want to thank the guys that have already done it and posted advice. it was very helpful and made the job quick and painless.

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MT-90 really helped my 5 speed during the winter as well. I notice no difference on a 30 degree morning, from any other morning. Down around 20, things are a little stiffer, but still much improved from the original lubricant. Plus, I like knowing that the GL-4 is easier on wear parts inside the gear box when compared to a standard GL-5 lubricant. I also run MT-90 in my Jeep Cherokee.

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troyslegacy said:
Do you have the information on that TSB?
Tacoma 2005-06 w manual transmission (i.e. a clutch)

TC006-06 / 26-Jul-06

Some customers may complain about one of the following conditions:
- Grinding during shifting
- Difficulty in engaging or releasing 4WD low
- Uncomfortable foot or leg position with clutch pedal fully depressed

The clutch pedal assembly and the carpeting have been changed to improve the clutch pedal feel and operation.

Tacoma / Revised Carpet / 5TE**##N*6Z193292
Tacoma / Revised Clutch Pedal / 5TE**##N*6Z242700

31311–04010 / 31311–04011 / Pedal Sub–Assembly, Clutch / 1
58571–04060 / 58571–04070 / Pad, Front Floor, FR / 1
90386–14015 / Same Bush (for Clutch Pedal) / 2

Depending on your VIN, you get a carpet trim and/or a new clutch pedal. All this fixes the terrible design (ergonomics) of clutch pedal assembly introduced with the 2005 Taco manual tranny [I nominate the design team and managers that signed off on original design for a Toyota Turkey Award]

Another trick to get additional full depression of clutch pedal---go to Pep Boys or equiv. Buy 2 replacement rubber clutch pedal covers that will fit 05-06 Taco pedal. Glue pedal covers one on top of the other (i.e Shoe Goo) . Replace (save) stock pedal cover.

More info---

Plan to try MT-90 in my trans at 10K oil change.

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I used to run GM SyncroMesh Modified Friction in my Acura, and a lot of Honda Guys use it. I have heard it is a good alternative to redline.

· wife wont touch stick :(
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i found a guy in my town to order it for me. 8.00 a quart...(i know i got a hell of a deal)
you can go to the redline site and look for vendors in your area....however, you might want to look at some other 75w-90 gear oils.
I hear royal purple, or amsoil, are both very good synthetics as well.
since redline is availabe to me i went with that product.

as to the vin falls after the specified dates. Im S.O.L.

not to hijack my own seems i have less grinding between 1st and 2nd if i shift exactly 2500 rpm. anything lower, or higher and it really grinds but only on that throw. all the other gears seem fine no matter what reasonable rpm im shifting at.
my question is , what rpms do you guys with the 4cyl shift at???

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bnacat said:
Has your 2006 had the clutch pedal replacement TSB(s). Original pedal had tendency to cause rough shifting unless you really push the pedal hard against the carpet/floor.
Yes, I have had my pedal replaced. it was one of the first things I had done when I got the truck. The difference between dirivng the truck before and after the switch to MT-90 in the tranny and transfer case is very noticable.

I'm going to be swapping to synthetic gear lube for my front and rear diff on my next oil change as well...
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