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Sylvania SilverStar headlight - yea or ney?

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I was at...Wal*Mart (again) and they had the Sylvania SilverStar headlights for $37/pr. Do these things actually give you better light output, or is it just rice? My headlights seem to be very dull in my car (compared to our 01 Outback, my brothers 92 Volvo, etc.), and I am wondering if this could fix the problem? Do these things run hot (as in, melting my housing), or are they all good?

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yea. get them...they're worth it. that's a good price, too...they average $40/pair.

just make sure you don't have DRLs still on(if you have any) so you don't blow them.
:thumbup: i find them brighter than the regular yellow ones.
most aftermarket bulbs will give u better lighting than stock bulbs..i'm using H4 conversion with Catz....ten times brighter then my stock setup.....
What are DRL's?

If you answer that, I might buy them tonight.
daytime running lights
Well, I don't have those, so I guess its all good!

$37 at...WAL*MART!!!
OK, they are installed.

Now, 5 hours till darkness, and I can do for a drive. Just turning them on does not look signifigant, but these are not stupid blue rice bulbs, so I assume they will look better at night.
They do look much better at night... I think you'll be pleased.
ya you cant see them in the day lite cause their white.
wait til it gets dark then it will brighten up. ther nice tho.

Darkness in 4 hours.

I have some cool Thai food from Trader Joe's for dinner!
You'll be glad you bought them


Since you have a gen4 with the plastic headlight lenses- have they yellowed with age? There was a post in the Camry forum just today (or 2 dys ago) about how to deal with that, but I bring this up b/c if they're yellowed and nasty then you will not get the full benefit of the Silverstars!


They are JUST a bit yellow, have a link to the post?

They work great, they are brighter and have a nicer light to them. As far as mods go, $37 for noticable results is a bargan!

glad you liked them :)

Check this out... it's for gen3 but since gen3 and gen4 (gen 4.5 is different however) both have plastic lenses and the procedure is essentially universal.

Hmm, I got to try that. $3.99 a can is hardly a big deal.
Thanks for feeling the need to blind others on the road with your excessivly bright lights :rolleyes:
foompla said:
Thanks for feeling the need to blind others on the road with your excessivly bright lights :rolleyes:
Ummm, I didn't adjust them to shine in other mirrors, they are just a different (and DOT approved BTW) color, and not a lot brighter.

HID's are NOT the problem. I had a Audi A8 follow me home, and their HID's were fine. The after market ones are what kills you.

Have a jacked up Ford follow you - they did not re-adjust the lights, and they are shining DOWN INTO YOUR CAR. It is like someone with a spotlight shining on your mirrors!

Do you even know what I did?
kenratboy said:
Do you even know what I did? [/B]
of course. i just know that i cant see at night. :cool:
foompla said:
Thanks for feeling the need to blind others on the road with your excessivly bright lights :rolleyes:

i'd think those are the idiots who are deliberately aiming them up...not the people who simply buy the bulbs.
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