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T100 rattle

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I have a 95 T100 SR5 Extra cab 4X4 that has what I can best describe as a heat shield rattle sound that occurs during moderately hard acceleration. I quits as soon as I back off the accelerator. It's hard to locate but sounds like it comes from the dash or engine/transmission area. Other that the truck is perfect. Any ideas or suggestions?
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Auto or manual? Are you sure it's not the heat shield? ;)
It's an automatic. I tapped the catalytic converter lightly with a stick and couldn't hear anything.
It's an automatic. I tapped the catalytic converter lightly with a stick and couldn't hear anything.
I think the heat shield that most people are making a reference to is the crossover pipe heatshield. The one nearest the firewall... ;)
I ahve a 98 4x4 w/manual trany with the exact same problem.

I been told it can be from the "Pilot Bearing" (please don't ask me what that is) to the heat shield.

I will be taking my vehicle to my brother's place of work where they have a pit. We will get it on jack stands and see if we can find the problem.

I'll keep you updated.
My rattle LOL!!

My 96 exta cab auto makes the same rattle. My shop said the the catalytic converter has some internal parts that have broke lose? The cost to replace the cat is $300+ at my shop I trust them they also work on the trucks for my job.
Mine had that problem too. Put a stainless gear clamp around the heat shield and pipe on the drivers side where the pipe turns forward. Cinch it down tight. No more rattle!
No more rattle!!!!

Just cut the heat sheld off! no more rattle!!!!!!!:D
Hi Fellas

1996 extended cab 4x4 manual trans

Well my truck has recently developed a rattle/buzz, sounds like it's coming from the dashboard, seems like it is right behind the speedometer. Only when the truck is actually moving...if I'm stopped, even if I rev the engine, there is no noise. Is this the heat shield? How do you get to the heat shield, from the engine compartment or from the inside of the cab?

thanks in advance!!!!!!!!
You can't

Reach the heat sheld from inside the cabin. It is in the back of the motor it is on the cross over.
Sounds like yer speedo cable is going bad...
Speedo Cable eh?

So that sounds like a buzz coming from behind the dash...makes sense...Have you replaced yours? Is it a pretty easy job?

Easy is a relative term. Depends on yer skill set/mechanical experience. ;)

Does yer speedo needle bounce or jump around? Does the sound speed up/slow down as yer truck does? I would say the sound is more like a scratching sound than a buzz. If yer speedo isn't doing's probably not the speedo cable then.

The cross-over heat shield is close to the firewall. It is inside the engine bay. You can see it between the engine and firewall. That has been the most common buzzing sound. I've been told you git a metal hose clamp that's big enough and you clamp it around it. Haven't seen anyone with piccies of the repair but you'll just have to try it. Might cost you about $5 fer clamp(s) and about 30 min of yer time. If you do git it done, take some piccies and post them! ;)
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