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Taco Rust

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I live in New England and we get a lot of snow every winter resulting in a lot of road salt being laid down every winter. I’ve noticed that a few spots on my 06 are starting to show rust including my leaf springs and some areas in the front in front of the the skid plate (not sure of what it is – but it’s the bolted on ‘arms’ under the lower front air dam).

Is this all normal or do I have spots that are starting to rust prematurely?
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A few small areas of undercarriage surface rust is pretty normal no matter where you live, especially the leaf springs. It will not go deep enough to weaken the steel. You can clean it and touch it up with some spray paint or rust inhibitor, if you want to.
normal. If this salt ever washes off, I'll take some pics of the underbody. Paint holding up good though (wax it 3-4 times a year). Had mine since Dec 04'. Other trucks after 4 winters look about the same.

However, no more rusted leaf springs after the TSB.:)
I hate seeing undercarriage rust too. I bought some of this stuff last year called TC-11 and sprayed my hitch, brackets on the leaf springs and inside of the rear bumper it helped. They have thicker stuff called car coat that is suppose to last longer.
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