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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and new to Toyota. I used to drive a 98 Dakota 4x4 5.2L, 4speed and have since upgraded to a 2006 Tacoma 4x4 DC with LSD, Sport and Tow package. :whatwhat:

My question is, does anyone know where I could find the "detailed" specs on the Tacoma LSD? I'd like to know the mechanics of the LSD that this Tacoma is equiped with. I've become fascinated with the inner workings of the LSD.

The reason I'm asking is that my new dream truck's LSD feels to operate much more effeciently than what my old truck did. My old truck also had LSD (aka posi-trac). Example, going up hill in slippery conditions, old truck would drop into a lower gear and kick the rear wheels out from underneath me. New truck tracks better and I don't experience that and I'm not convinced that it has to simply do with the 5 speed.

Great to be a part of this forum and I hope I haven't polluted this forum with another LSD question. I have done some reading and just looking for more detail on the Tacoma's LSD.

thanks all,


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well I dont have any detailed info but I knwo the stock LSD is a clutch type...Of course it works better its a Toyota :clap:
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