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Tacoma NOOB/ Spacers

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Whats up guys, new to the site and I had some questions. I have an 01 Prerunner with a 3.5 inch fabtech lift on 285/65R18 tires. When I turn the max it rubs and I am wondering if I can add 2.5 inch spacers so prevent the rubbing. Does this work and if so do you recommend it? or should I just add a body lift to it? Thanks for the help.
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no you can not add another 2.5" of lift to your already 3.5" of lift. either you can add a little body lift or get smaller tires
That is only a 33, it should fit. Did you get wheels with the right offset?
My wheel offset is -12. I got them from America's Tire Co. Do you guys recommend a body lift?
-12 what on a how wide rim?

You might try hammering in the pinch weld area.
Yeah, I would say do the pinch weld mod. If that doesn't work then I guess do a body lift, but I hear they suck.
My rims are 18 x 9. I have never heard of a pinch weld mod. what is it and is it hard to do?
Ya I heard that body lifts suck to. Ive thought about changing to a 6inch lift but i feel like it will cost to much and maybe look a little to big because my truck is not a 4 door. what do you think?
I don't think you have enough offset. You should be looking for something along the lines of -24 or so. You added about 2" to the width of your rim, you have to shift it further out. You might want to look at a small wheel spacer. Measure from the inside edge of the rim to the wheel mounting surface. You don't want the mounting surface to be more than 3.75" from the edge of the wheel. Lets see.....12mm is just shy of a half inch on a 9 inch wide rim you are probably looking at 4"-4.5" of back space depending on how big the bead is. You will probably need a .5"-.75" spacer.
Some people say I can add spacers and others say I can't. I am not sure which to believe. Can you guys help?
Alright lets make this clear. You cannot add a suspension lift spacer. You should get a small wheel spacer to bring your back space to 3.5"-3.75". Do not make the truck taller make it wider, and you might want to smash in the pinch weld for good measure.
Why can't I add a suspension lift spacer to make it taller?
the front suspension of a tacoma has 4" of travel up and 4" of travel down stock. If you have lifted your truck 3.5" already that means you have half an inch left of down travel. how are you going to get another 2.5" of travel out of that? Your options have been spelled out for you; body lift, wheel spacers, different wheels.
Why can't I add a suspension lift spacer to make it taller?
It probably won't fix the problem because the tire is too close to the frame.

Going taller will raise your already high CG. Tall trucks = tippy crappy handling trucks, and tall trucks with hacked up half ass suspension lifts made from different kits = death traps.

Get some wheel spacers or even better go buy the correct rims.
alright guys. That makes alot more sense. Thanks alot for the help.
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