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Tacoma Tranfer case shifter Button?

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I'll apologize if this has been asked before, I tried a search and came up with a bit, but not exactly what I needed, so..........

I'm in the market for an '01-'02 v6 4wd. Unfortunately, I can not find one locally or I would fiddle around with them myself, and my local dealer keeps trying to sell me what's on the lot rather than what I want, so I'm stuck blowing up pictures from online. I noticed a button on some, but not all transfer case shifters. Near as I can tell, there are three different setups, but I can't find the publications online that describe the use of each system. If anyone can help with a system description and possible pros/cons of each I would greatly appreciate it or possibly a pdf of the operation manual. At the moment, I'm not completely sold on automatic or manual transmissions, but I'm leaning towards the latter, and I’m not sure how that effects the 4wd engagement. Thanks.
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I dont know if this will be of help but I have an 04 4X4 TAcoma. It has the push button for High on the transfer case shifter. You can shift into 4 high only when the transfer case shifter itself is in the high position (all the way back which is normal two wheel drive), neutral is middle, and 4 low is all the way forward. I personally dont like it, its like a contradiction-you have a lever to engage your transfer case but only for use for four low. It just seems like something else to break to me.
Thanks for your reply.
So, if I'm reading this right, with that button you have three positions for the stick: 4low, neutral, and one position that toggles via the button for 2 or 4 high. Am I to assume that without the electronic push button there would be four positions, all engaged manually, and do you know if locking/unlocking the hubs is done with a momentary reversal of tire rotation directions? Sorry for what might be an obvious question, but without putting my hands on one, I am left a bit confused with seeing a button on some shifters and no button on others. I would still have two qustions if anyone can help:

1) Are there any advavtages or problems associated with either set up? :confused:


2) Is there a place I can find an operators manual for a 01 to 03 Taco 4x4 online?:dunno:

Thanks again..........................
Yes I only have 3 positions on my transfer case shifter. Kind of weird I also have the automatic so there is a button on the side of that shifter also for disengaging overdrive. The hubs disengauge without having to back up(in four high I've only had it four low a couple of times but I dont remember having to put in reverse). I had an old Chevy in which I had to and that sucked. I looked at my factory sticker and the 4-Hi selector switch was a $135 option from the factory! I think it is standard on the Limited 4X4 models, but I definately could be wrong. The Advantage of having one is that it is really simple to press a button to activate 4-HI without moving a lever (like thats real hard). I've never had a problem with mine, yet. Disadvantages could be that it is not manual but electrical. I assume it extra wiring than a transfer case without the selector switch. If at the time there was the exact same truck without one when I bought mine new I would have preferred without. But I'm not worried at all about it. Anyways try these different forums to help if you dont get any here.
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C of G

I got these pics out of my owners manual. I couldnt get the camera to pick uo the print that well, but if you need a copy of the operation listed in the manual I could copy it and fax it to you if you have access to a fax. Just PM me with the number.

This is the non-pushbutton type obviously

This is the setup in my truck

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Hey, man, thanks, that's perfect. I really apprecite your effort. Thanks again.
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