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Tacoma versus Tundra prices

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I own a 2003 Taco ExCab and am considering trading for a larger truck with a greater towing capacity. So for the last few days, I have shopped around on the net for good used late model Tundra's. I was surprised to find that Tundra prices are very comparable to the prices on Taco's. Very little difference, if any. Obviously, the demand for good used Taco's is greater than that of Tundra's. Naturally--if I proceed, I'm sure the "dealer" will try to "low-ball" (as usual) my Taco's trade-in value. But, the Taco versus Tundra prices is an eye-opener.
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What is it you are towing?
A bass boat which I'm about to replace with a larger one. The 4 cyl pulls it OK; but, you can tell it's straining at times especially when I'm travelling in hilly terrain. Also, I'll be pulling it some to Texas (visting father-in-law) and that's about 600 miles round trip. Just window shopping, right now, for late model Tundra's. Roomier, more comfort for long trips, more stability when towing (expressway) and without the engine/drivetrain strain. When I purchased the Taco, I had no idea, that later, I would purchase a bass boat after I retired. The old foresight/hindsight thingy.

A 05 or later Tacoma V6 should be fine.
TB is right. I test drove an 06'. Lots-o-torque where you need it.
Although a $40K+ 5.7L Tundra sure would kick some azz :lol:
Looking at 2003-2005. Found a 2004-2WD-double cab-SR5-V8-41,200 miles for $17,900 and a 2005-2WD-Access cab-SR5-V8-6,500 miles for $17,900.

I like that price range.

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