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Tail Light Removal...DIY w/ pics; 56k watch out now!!

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WITHOUT having to take off rear bumper. It was a little bit tricky, but I didn't want to have to deal with the bumper removal.

Someone scraped the corner of my bumper with their the same time, it cracked the lens of my px side tail light.

Got a new one from Ebay, and here's the install with a few pics.

Hope this helps anyone who has to change that crap out.


Step 1: Pop the trunk

Step 2:

Remove trunk lining to gain access to the spare tire

Step 3: Unscrew the "Grocery hook"...careful when pulling out. It popped me in the eyeball.

Step 4: Peel back trunk liner to gain access to the bulbs and the three screws that hold the lens housing in place;

Step 5: Unscrew the 3 screws that hold the housing in place. DO NOT DROP THE NUTS...LoL

Step 6: Once the 3 nuts have been removed, you can gently shimmy out the light.

Step 7: Tail light removed.

Step 8: Picture of new Ebay light. Its aftermarket, but you cannot tell the difference unless you look at the manufacturing numbers.

Step 9: Put new light in exactly how you took it out, and reverse your disassembly steps for re-assembly.

All done!! (don't forget to plug your bulbs back in too)

I have an extra tail light now for anyone who wants it for experimental purposes. It has a slight crack in the lens. If you want it, all I ask is that you pay shipping. PM me anytime.

Hope this was helpful :thumbup::thumbup:
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Natedogg's got that covered... i sent him my set of tails for him to work on... i'm still trying to work out a deal with kemixn, the one from bahrain
haha don't hold your breath tho, for when it will get done.

although this write up helps me with not removing my bumper ... :)
Net, what did you start to use to cut the one light ?

i might double the length that it took Netforcer to send me the tails, ot get them done..... especialy with my porch addition this spring to the house.
we will see :)
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