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Tail lights

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Ok. So my 90' GTS started of fire in my trunk and my driver side tail light melted:sosad:. I'm trying to find some at local scrap yards without luck. The only thing i can find are ae86 GTS tail lights on these fit?

Another thing. you often see some us ae92 gts's with the levin rear lights. where can i get these and do you need any modification?
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Where do you live? there's a few guys in the toronto area that have spare parts. :)
I live on the south shore of montreal. I've only been to the local scrap yards but i'll try the ones in montreal, i might find something there, i hope!. If not i'll ask you about those guys!
if not i know where theres about 4 or 5 sets in London, ON, let me know...
i live in drummondville, and the scrap yard near here have at LEAST one set
I finally found a set!...thanks anyways everyone
how did your car start on fire ? getting the trueno/leving lights are going to be way more expensive, IF you can even find them...
After spending hours cleaning my trunk, i finally found the source of the fire. The thing is the guy that had the car before had a hitch but took it off and left the wire harness for the hitch hidden under all the carpet. The wirering problably wasn't done right or something shortcurcuited because those wires melted and started on fire in my trunk. I'm suprised a fuse didn't blow or something before the fire started. Anyhow now my light is melted and my fairly new painted peeled a little on the outside:thumbdown. I found a light to replace it and i just got to wait till summer to fix the paint, althought it'll probably not be as nice. But its just a small spot.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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