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Take a look... (56k Friendly)

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Had a recent business transaction w/ Tony, so finally got to meet him for the first time and also see his car for the first time.......nice guy....nice car....:thumbup:

took me for a quick ride- still needs a good bit of tuning, but sounds niccccceeeee.....:p:

Here are some quick pics- lighting was bad and didnt' have a tripod, so didn't take many.....they would be bigger, but for some reason cardomain won't even let me see the big pics and they automatically resized it :confused:

but either way, here they are- enjoy

makes me feel like an amateur again....
though I won't be able to finish kitting my car in time for DKN, looks like I'll have to do it real soon eitherway since Tony's back on the road :D
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Eye8Pussies said:
Had a recent business transaction w/ Tony,
I didn't know Tony was into that.

Nice pics. I like Tony's car better...obviously :p:
nice pics, yea cardomain does that to me also
sweet :thumbup:
Nice pics :thumbup:
sweet pics
Seeing those pics makes me love my RMM lip that much more:loove:

Really nice pics and Cars:thumbup: :thumbup:

both cars are lookin' good..:)

btw, did you get to drive his beast..?:D
those are two very nice machines :werd:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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