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tc fuel pump upgrade.

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ok i searched this fourm and found nothing.... so i would like to hear from some people who have upgraded there factory fuel pump with a walbro 255 or 190 unit... i upraded mine and blew out my factory in tank regulator out, but i had crushed it alittle to up the fuel pressure.... but now i have another stock regulator and i dont want to put the 255 pump back in if its just going to blow out the regulator again.. those things are 130 buck a pop! :headbang: thanks for any help u can give.:thumbsup:
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no one has upgraded there fuel pump in there tc???????
Are you turbo'd or s/c'd?

Why did you upgrade the pump and why do you need a higher fuel pressure?
i am turbo, and i have no money for fuel management..... im just wanting to know if anyone has upgraded there fuel pump in the factory module with no problems.
Well, if you want higher fuel pressure, what you need is an aftermarket, adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

How long have you been t/c'd and running without an engine managment system? I'll get a friend of mine over here to help you with your question...He might be a little bit before he get's here to answer.
i have been running like this for two years with a a/f ratio of about 12.9.. thats acceptable for me.. but when i upgraded to a ssqv BOV i found out that my greddy BOV was causing a boost leak and keeping me at 5 psi... but now it has went up to like 7 and it is running at like 13.9 a/f ratio and thats too lean for me... i have looked at this pump module and i havent really figured out a way to use a riseing rate regulator.:headbang:

if u havent noticed, i have a 05 camry but the camry and the tc share the same engine platform and i know most people on this site say nothing is interchangeable, but i know it is.. i have a scion tc fuel pump module sitting in front of me next to a 05 camry module and they are the same with the aception of the tc module doesnt have the tank pressure sensor on the top portion of the module..
is it 13.9 driving or under boost? im not 100% sure on the tc/camry but when i did a 255 in my cressida i didnt change the regulator or mess with fule pressure at it ran fine, so its kinda hit or miss really, but to be safe you may wanna get a FPR, there not too bad, anywhere from 80-130ish
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