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tC Racecar rendering

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Heres a rendering of our new drag-race tC

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I likes. You may want to shrink the rear wheels a little. It looks like you're running an AWD.
That's hawt! Love the graf!

I too agree with JordanRL. Why are there fat tires in the rear? It's also missing a big ol' FMIC!! :D
CF hood and it'd be lighter and look better. :thumbup:
Ahhhh i think it looks great, and i dont even like the looks of a tc...good work.
thats one sweet tC
Damn, I can't wait to see it run:thumbup:
that thing looks sweet as is. as you guys should notice the front wheel is deeper than the rear also the frint will be a one piece design.
Scion tC racecar

Thanks for the words guys, Don't forget this is only a rendering (mainly for the graphics)
The car is actually arriving in the next 10 days or so and Bob Norwood will be heading up the construction along with FWD specialist Tony Palo.
I can't give out too much info as yet but the car will have a sequential transmission and approx 1100hp. Should be good for very low 8's -high 7's.
The choice of car was a no brainer. We wanted a new car that would create a buzz around the industry. The tC is it!
The long wheelbase is perfect for a drag race car and our engine guys are confident that they will be able to generate enough HP to match the GM cars that are dominating the sport right now.
Front end, doors and hatch will be carbon fiber,
We will have the rolling chassis on display at SEMA in November...
I love the TC to begin with and i love that rendering. Definitly keep me updated

Did you get your car yet? I noticed that you posted that you would get it in about 10 days on the 28th of last month. Just curious as to if you have started any work yet. Maybe you could post some pictures of it as they go. I know you don't want to expose too much, but some progress pics would be nice. Just a thought. Later.
I wish I could see that in action! I also wish I could go see whatever is going to be revealed at SEMA this year! :)
So i guess you decided to go with the TC body instead of the Celica. Very nice :) Cant wait to see it run.
Make sure to get a video of you having an 8 second car when your car is complete.
That's one damn sweet tc.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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