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Just wanna let u guys know....Team NGC will be holding a car show at Penske Toyota in March

I know some of u guys came down to represent!

We are giving an opportunity for Corollas and/or Toyota related vehicles(stock or modified) a shot at winning a trophy.

Just like last time prizes from the raffle drawing (sponsored by Bestbuy, Pioneer, and Penske Toyota)

FREE FOOD (hosted by In-Out)...yeah Free Food!! Thats always important! lol

We will be allowing about 80 or more cars/trucks at this show.

The award categories such as exterior, interior, best of each model entered.. (remember to have your own class model award we need at least 5 of that model entered to create your own class)

Registration will open the beginning of March and will last till April 9, the rule still stands for payment registration: If you do not pay ahead of time via paypal, e-check, or check you cannot enter your car in the show.

The cost to enter is $6.00

Raffle ticket cost TBA.

Paypal payment info: [email protected]

The money from registration will be used in conjunction for paying for trophies, prizes and whatnot.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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