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that shit looks so beastyy on the trailer

Yeah, I love when people look at the beat up camry being trailered..

WTF. Did he find ANOTHER coupe?
HAHAHA, I will never ever get another camry...... well

hey milt if its a 5sfe your selling the engine?
What's a 5sfe??? LMAO!!!!!!

thats not new. that looks just like the gunmetal one, same color and looks like its riding the same height.
That's right!!!

sweet...the coupe is I can get my damn :p:
Seriously!!! Kingston, you know I am so sorry or making you wait..


that...and we want to see some dyno charts as well too....
Soon My friend..... A lot of black and white smoke right now, I need a few sensors, evap system and a radiator....

ahhh, when did he take the kit off and everything?
A year ago.... Didn't want to get it beat up....

damn the coupe looks different!
glad to see its home tho

dyno proof!
HAHAHA, it looks so shitty right now...

i wish daddy would text me too :lol:

PM me your number and you'll get pics just like your little brother..

that would be dope....if you trail'ed it like that to the track :lol:

sick tho, major props:thumbup::thumbup:
I might show up like this to TORC....

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