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Has anyone put the 3sgte lsd tranny on a 5th gen celica (with 3sgte)? If so, how would the shift linkages work? I know Im going to have trouble with the motor mount in the back of the engine bay, but if anyone has any helpful information, I would really appreciate it.
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the 3sgte tranny out of a celica is AWD which you forgot to mention so your going to need to do a conversion...

This same question was asked less than a week ago.

use the search button....
I did look up at the post on this subject but it does not answer my question. I know the mr2 lsd tranny will bolt on the 3sgte engine. The guy said on the forum said he can customize the shift linkages. My question is how? When the tranny bolts on, the shift linkage arms will be facing towards the front of the bumper. How will he customize that? I have an alltrac tranny, but i don't want to take parts apart to make an mr2 lsd tranny work with my engine. I can buy an mr2 lsd tranny but I want to make sure how I can make it work without using my alltrac tranny.
You need to take the linkages off you Alltrac Tranny and bolt them onto the otherside of the MR2 Tranny to make it fit right. You also need the MR2 inner axels and the Alltrac outer.

Question though - Why do you want to save the Alltrac Tranny? Most guys that do the swap end up giving it away...???
First of all, we thought maybe the back of the transmission case of the alltrac will bolt on to the mr2 tranny so that the shift linkage arms could be on the right side. We didn't want to try that because I was plannning on selling the alltrac tranny. I have big plans with my car so I need cash and selling the alltrac tranny will help me reach my goal of buying a stand alone ecu. But, I will rather have lsd than no lsd with my horsepower goal of 300 to the wheels. Thanks for the helpful reply, after searching online I found out exactly you replied is what I have to do. Thanks for the reply. Lsd here I come!
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