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Hey all, been having an issue with my t25 1.8 petrol.I'm hoping someone can shed some light on before I concede defeat and book it in at Mr T's. If you're sat in the car with it just on idle it feels quite lumpy and irregular, also sometimes if i dip the clutch at junctions it will drop to 600 then quickly bounce back up to 1000, like its just about to stall but the ecu pulls data from another sensor and tries to counter the stall. The worst problem though is the jerky acceleration, worse when cold and less noticeable but still present when warm. If I take it to say 2500rpm in second then come off the throttle it will kangeroo like mad, even worse in 1st and less so the higher the gear. Generally any action of pressing or releasing the accelerator is pretty jerky no matter how delicate I am. The car is fully serviced with fully synth oil and new denso plugs, I have also cleaned the throttle body and MAF with no improvement. Also tried pulling each coil pack with the engine running and it starts to misfire when one is pulled so think they're ok. Can anyone see anything out of place on my techstream data or suggest anything? Thanks in advance.
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