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Im new to this forum and to the overall car modification community. I just have a few questions.

I am planning to get Tein Springs (SKL20-AUB00) for about 120USD and mount them on my 2003 gen5 because the stock handling is totally crap.

1. Would I entirelly void my warranty with Toyota?
If so, would using TRD parts still void warranty?

2. I live in Toronto so it snows in the winter. Would it be much of a problem with my car lowered approx. (-1.7" Front / -1.5" Rear)?

3. Are Tein springs stock strut friendly?

The reason I chose Tein is because of their good rep. as well as a slightly softer ride than Eibach and H&R. (this is still a family car u kno. hehe)

I want to try to do this upgrade as soon as possible. Thanks for all your help.

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1.) for the best bet, i think other members on the board could reply to that; or ask your dealer and find out cause it varies from different items i'm not quit sure. for sure, trd parts will not void the warranty, and actually they do have warranty on their items covered for about a few years too if you have them installed professional by whoever from toyota shop, but definately cost a lot but, i'm not quite sure since that also varies on who is installing... since i have a friend at the toyota dealership and planning on having the trd springs installed; to me i dont have want a drastic drop on the car, however he recommended me to a friend at Big O tires or something that could install for me and not have to charge an arm and a leg. plus it'll cover the trd/toyota warranty which won't cost an arm an a leg to have the toyota dealership to install which would be over $800+ altogether... no way i would have the dealership install.

2.) since you're toronto, i'm not sure how much snow you'll have, but definately a lot than my area in utah i assume? with that drop in height, to me it's a snow shovel and enjoy scooping the snow:p: since we have pretty decent snow height here that is.

3.) usually when it's that low for a 1.7 drop in a front it's a pretty big difference, that should go with an aftermarket shocks and when it's that low usually going with the stock it should feel bumpy... however, haven't driven in a toyota vehicle for the gen 5 yet with stock shocks and that low so i wouldn't know yet if it's comfortable ride or not, i guess other members could contribute to this...

since you're planning to have this setup, your car is a 4 cylinder vehicle right? because the s-tech from tein don't have it for the 6 cylinder for camry, i may be wrong cause i personally don't know many camry for the gen 5 with the tein setup yet...?

i hope that helps a little
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