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I have just made a very interesting discovery about the way Toyota temperature gauges work.
I have always thought that Toyota cooling systems were rock steady reached operating temp quickly and no matter the days temp stayed steady in the middle.

I had reason to test a Toyota Coaster temp gauge and since checked 3 other Toyota's with the same result, the gauge move rapidly from cold to 75 then doesn't move between 75 and 98 degrees C then rapidly again at 99 it is almost in the red.

There is nothing wrong with this as it is in the normal operating range I just haven't seen it before, an interesting way of stopping all those customer complaints like it runs a bit hot or cold.


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My Temp. gauge operates exactly like you have stated also,and I also thought like you said once the operating temp. is reached it stays rock solid there without any variations which seemed a little strange to me there was never any changes to the gauge in extremely hot or cold weather just thought that the cooling system was functioning extremely effecient (like toyota qaulity?).
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