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test the reistance at diffrent temps.

112 degrees 69-89k ohms
212 d. 11-15k ohms
302 d. 2-4k ohms

a 4,7k resistor can take the place of the sensor and keep the system closed all the time and the Check light off.

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Used a small pot and corn oil to check to 305 d.
@ 120 d ~73K ohmm
205 d ~37 - 38 K ohmm
3035 2.3 - 2.8 K ohmm

I'm going to try the 4.7K resistor to see what happens. If the sensor isn't my problem (25 code mainly at idle and engine warm) I'm not sure where else to look unless it might be the vacuum modulator. I plugged the line to the EGR Valve this weekend and didn't get the 25 code but did get 71 which pertains to the EGR. Duh! :hammer:

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how do u know what temperature it is?
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