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Hello all,

I own a 2-door 93' Tercel which has served me nicely for the past couple of years without much trouble. Everything was alright until last weekend as I was driving back from a day trip. I left in the morning and put some 50/50 into the radiator because it was low and I put the cap immediately back on and went on with my way. As I was going to my destination(highway driving), everything was fine. But on the way back, the temperature gauge was on cold the entire time and did not move back at all for some reason. I begin to research the problem and narrowed it down to it being either a bad thermostat or a bad temperature sending switch.

I thought it could also be air bubbles in the system causing the thermostat to malfunction. So I took the cap off this morning and let it idle for 15 minutes to hopefully get the air bubbles out of the system and for the thermostat go back to functioning properly. Someone told me I could turn on the heat to get the system pressure up faster, so I did that and the temperature gauge actually raised to about 1/4th on the gauge, but when I put the hood down and proceeded to drive around the block to test it even more. The gauge actually went DOWN which made no sense. So I guess the switch isn't bad if it moves a little bit.

Any help? I'm going nuts over here. :wtf:

Hello and welcome to TN.:welcome: Replacing your thermostat is a good place to start but I have one other question. How often do you put coolant in it?
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