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Temperature of Exhaust Manifold

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What is the temperature supposed to run on the exhaust manifold where it bolts to the head and also at the Y pipe that hooks to the exhaust? After running for 30 minutes in 90 degree weather, the temp on mine is around 450 degrees at the exhaust manifold where it connects to the head. At the Y pipe it's running 600 to 650. Is this normal?

If there is a problem, what do I need to do to get it to run cooler?

Thanks. It's an 1988 4WD with a 22-re engine.
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Considering the exhaust gas is usually around 1200 degrees or so, I don't think you have a problem. The Y pipe is hotter because its thinner metal than the exhaust manifold and sheds it's heat to the outside faster as well as being a slight restriction point.
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