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howdy!! Names Jamison(akuma64 on forums) put it short..i would like to know more people down here who are into toyotas and dont mind havin mini meets and such every now and then. And im usually all over the place. Rendevous point meets in Nashville, Music city car meets..and just recently got into the midnight society meets. My thing is, i just like to get to know people. i drive a 97 corolla. of which ive been pouring money into(not a problem for me) i JUST recieved an fx bumper, touring grille, and am all set for a manual swap after i order my 4age and harness alter. Im also apart of CCC( so if interested check em out! my FB profile name is "Jamison Colston" so add me if ya want! there is a meet in the mixes for a midwest meet in carbondale, IL. would like to make it big. check it out. thanks everyone! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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