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Normally a 4efte comes with a transmission and it should be much beefier than what came on the 2e. If your car has manual trans it will drop right in, if auto then expect a little more wiring on the harness. All the motor mounts are the same or at least from the 3e or the 5e. I've never seen a 2e but since it's from the e family I'd expect it to be the same. Welcome to the board and keep us posted on your project.
Don't forget to upgrade the brake system before the engine though. You'll be amazed at the power difference and the stock brakes won't last long under high speed braking.
To give an idea of what I'm talking about this is where the gears run to redline for the 4efte.
1st - 68kmph
2nd - 115kmph
3rd - 168kmph
4th - 205kmph
5th - depends on mods.......

These numbers are approximate since here we use mph and the kmph scale is much smaller on the speedometer. But you get the idea.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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