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Tercel buying help

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Im helping this guy from another forum who wants to buy a tercel...
This is what he wrote:

"Well, daughter number 2 is about to turn 16, and I had been planning to buy a car for her when she passes her test. I was planning to get her a Tercel, mtx, just like daughter number 1. Cheap, reliable, durable, and slow, right? Then I saw this mtx Tercel for sale privately at my local garage. It looks just what I had wanted to buy, and maybe a good deal, so I am thinking of buying it now and just keeping it till she passes her test. I know I would regret not buying it if a year from now I couldn't find one as good as this one.

It's a 99 Toyota Tercel, 4 door, 93,000 kms, one owner, regular service at the dealer, has been oil-sprayed annually, and the body looks good. I'm having my mechanic check it over. Private sale in Quebec, so no safety check needed. I'm negotiating a price a little over $6,000 Canadian.

Does that price sound a good deal? It's hard to find good information on Canadian book values, and the US book values are especially uninformative in this case since they didn't sell that model in the US that year.

Also, does anyone know if this is an interference engine? When does the timing belt need changed: the standard 100,000kms?

Thanks "
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Not an interference engine.

Yes, belt should be changed around 90-95k miles.

6,000.00 CAD = 4,586.81 USD
Canada Dollars United States Dollars

Sounds like a decent deal if it's been taken care like you post it has.
I agree with LBT, it is kinda pricy but a good car that has been given tlc is priceless ecspecially a toyota. Good Luck:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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