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tercel clutch question

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hey, im a bimmer guy, sorry, but im doing my girlfriends clutch on her 94 tercel. the tranny looks like it will drop right out, without taking anything else off///

but... what should i do about the driveshafts? unlike on my cars they do not unbolt from the transaxle (differential in my cars):)

so if i have to pry or smash, what do i smash/pry?

is it the thing comming out of the tranny, or the joint between tranny 'thing' and inner cv joint? and if the "tranny" thing itself, does that mean fluid will be on its way out when it comes loose?

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I don't know about the tercel, but if it's like a Celica, then the axles are held in to the tranny with a spring clip in a groove on the end of the splined axle. A good pop with a pry bar and they come right out. Again, that's on a Celi, so I don't know if the tercel is the same. What year, btw? Have you tried asking on the Tercel forum here?
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