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Tercel from Hell, Final Update

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I want to start off by saying Thank-you to all of you guys, you have been nothing but the greatest of help, Especially Tercel GTS, Madcat, 4agetercel, you guys are amazing and nothing but helpful in every way.

I know towards the end of my build thread I started to post problems, and then things got quite for some time, there's a reason for that.

My ECU did burn up, also my coil pack, my ignitor, mostly due to my own stupidity, I made amateur mistake after mistake, but I learned alot, I fried almost every sensor, melted part of the harness and replaced part after part just to have the same problems.

I honestly don't think Tweak had anything to do with the project going south, the harness had my car running just fine at first, minus one sensor to smooth the idle. and things went great.

So I have decided to part with my love, the car has been the biggest headache I have ever had in my life, but at the same time the best learning experience I have ever had also.

I am sad to do away with her, but it is what I must do, my wife and family and friends has stuck behind me the entire time and I feel like I let them down.

So as of right now I have a Tercel corpse sitting in my garage and pulled the motor out, ripped the suspension off, and getting ready to remove the intercooler soon also, sending her to the scrap yard, mostly every part on her has been damaged, besides the after market parts I installed.

I am truly thankful to all of you guys, and please understand my decision from my point of view, I know it may seem selfish, but it really is what I have to do right now, plus I need a car that runs, without problems...

Thanks again,

Ryan Workman aka workman3886
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Man that sucks, its must kill ya a bit to see that all burn and go to waste
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