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Tercel heating problem

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I have a 1994 Toyota Tercel that I like to let warm up in the morning before I leave for work. I live in the Northeast and right now it's pretty cold up here. Anyways, what I am finding is that when I go out to get in the car (after sitting idling for about 10-15 minutes) the heater is blowing cold air. NO warmth to it at all. The temperature gauge is up to normal. But as soon as I take it down the road, it starts putting out warm air. What can be causing this?
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Could be an air pocket in the cooling system. Open the radiator cap (when the engine is cold), not the oveflow tank, and check that it really is full with coolant.
How does one go about getting air out of the system, if that is the problem? Thanks
Make sure the switch on the climate console is set to recycle mode.
It's easier for the car to heat and draw from the cabin instead of trying to heat
cold fresh incoming air.
atoyotchick said:
How does one go about getting air out of the system, if that is the problem? Thanks
When the engine is cold, open the radiator cap (the one with the spring on it, in the middle of the radiator, not the plastic cap on the overflow tank). Check to see that it is full to the very brim with coolant (water plus anti-freeze, in a 50-50 mix). If it isn't full, fill it right up, then start the engine, let it idle, and watch the level. If the level drops, add more coolant, then close the cap before the engine really warms up (or the coolant will start to overflow).

Then make sure the plastic overflow tank is about half full of coolant, and it should stay OK after that.

Let us know if it really is low on coolant. It was just an educated guess that your heater problem was caused by low coolant/air in the system.
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