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tercel making weird noises

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So, i`ve been searching for a while and didn`t find any usefull info.. hopefully someone here can help me out..

So i have a 98 tercel with about 250 000 km on it
and when ever i turn.. even just one turn of the steering wheel... on either side... i hear this kind-of humming noise. Here`s the details...
- i only hear it when going at slow slow speeds
- it only does it going forward... with the car either running or not
- it`s not my power steering, i disconnected it
- it hums then it`s quiet for just a bit... then hums.. then quiet... and so on
- it sounds like brake pads barely touching a warped rotor
- i`ve had my brake pads and rotors changed in the last month
- braking does not change the sounds in any way
- the speed of the car makes it hum faster or slower...
- by brakes work perfect
- my cv boots are in excellent condition.. changed both last year
- i have some aftermarket rims... but had them last summer and did not do this sound...
- my wheel bearing seems to be working great (no noise at high speed or whatever... and no obvious loose in the wheels)


another noise i`ve noticed ever since i`ve had the car (2 years)...
when it`s cold out... below freezing.. and i havent let the car heat up for 10 min or whatever... i hear a kind-of rattle coming from my dash when goin slowly... then when i hit around 60km/h... it starts rattling and buzzing very loudly.. (sounds like plastic gears spinning at 16 000RPM)...
- if i slow down... it will go back to rattling
- if i hit my dash it will sometimes start rattling again... then go back to buzzing..
- once my car is heated up enough it stops
- last thing... my speedometer needle shakes a bit when its buzzing?

I`ve never got anyone to figure this out with certaincy... any help would be appreciated..

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You said the cv boots were fine, but how about the joints? How about wheel bearings?
the wheel bearings seem fine... because i cant really feel any loose in the wheels... and if it was my wheel bearings... my car would make more noise when traveling at high speeds right.. like a constant hum..? if so... i don`t have this problem..

how could i check the joints?... i changed both axles less than a year ago... but i guess you never know

and there`s no clicking or thunking sounds or whatever... i had that last year, thats why i have new axles.
When was the last time the transmission was serviced? Is it manual or automatic?
its an automatic... and the tranny was refilled with tranny fluid when my brakes where done... one month ago...

because the seal or whatever wasn`t placed right when i installed the axles.. and it was leaking a bit before my brake job... so the guy fixed that up for me...

the tranny has always worked great.
HOW did the guy fix it up for you? Short of redoing the job with a new seal, it won't last and could be your problem.
he changed the seal... and there has not been a leak since then... when i get home tonight ill check my tranny oil to make sure once again...
so i checked the oil level... and its almost alright... i'll top it up today and give you more news tomorow.

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speedo cable or gauge. re-rattle under dash.

re-humming noise you said "it only does it going forward... with the car either running or not". this doesnt make sense. but if you did push your car and the humming was evident. its probably in your running gear, some where. no pump or vacuum assocciation.

ps pumps do make noise and still work. i've pulled 'em off doners frozen. beat them till they turned, installed, and still work to this day.

sorry, i dont mean to imply ps pumps are not defective if they make noise.
that speedometer cable could be it... seems to make sense...

and well the running or not means that exactly... it still does that hum if i simply push the car... but just going forward... not reverse... and only if im turning...
I'd bet on a wheel bearing, but check for anything rubbing the tire or rim, like a brake line, wheelwell liner, also check the balljoints and control arm bushings.
:thumbsup: always look at last maintinance performed. brake area!

your noise is typical of brake dragging. though its usualy drums that make noise in one direction. a bearing would make noise in both reverse and foward. i'd still look. especialy if some one else did your maintanance.

other noise in dash. just unscrew the speedo cable as it goes to the gauge and let it hang. one of to things will happen (if thats your culprit). the noise will either go away or change. you can get away w/ lubing the cable if you caught it early. otherwise, change.
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