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tercel suspension

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if i have a 93-96 tercel...can i use suspension from a 93-96 corolla? seems like the corolla has better suspension upgrade possibilities...will they bolt in or do i get to "modify!!"
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well you have an 91-94 or 95-99. you can upgrade the front brakes from teh paseo. and get sway bars from the paseo too. starlet rear disk brakes and the eibach prokit nd kyb struts are awesome
well that just sums that one up thankx
I have Paseo shocks, springs and front sway bar on my '89 Tercel. They lower the car 1.75" in the front, 2" in the rear, and make the car handle very well.

For front brakes I have Paseo rotors with '93 Corolla DX front calipers (fantastic stopping) These rotors are thinner than the Corollas so I have to make sure I don't wear the pads past about 75% or they might fall out.

I have tried '93 Corolla front struts on my car but the lower spring seat is too wide for the '89Tercel fender well. I don't know if it would work on your car. If my memory serves me right, the lower strut attach flanges, (where it meets the steering knuckle) on the Corolla are spaced differently to the Tercel/Paseo ones.

The rears look too different to even be worth a try.

Tyler88 made some good sugestions. KYB struts with some good lowering springs should set you straight.
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iput 95 corolla rear coilovers on my 91 tercel & they fit perfect all u gotta do is bend the piece were the bolt goes on the bottom a lil & get a longer bolt & it fits perfectly on
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