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Tercel won't Start

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Hi Guys,
I can't seem to figure this one out. Maybe someone has had this problem.
I have a 98 Tercel with 240,000 kms on it.
The problem started about 3 years ago and comes and goes.
Every once and a while I get a clicking in the dash in and around the fuse box on the drivers side. Sounds like a solenoid clicking. It normally clicks at low rpm mainly neutral and the frequency of the clicking is proportional to engine rpm. The clicking gets faster with engine rmps and stops once the rpms get faster. If I turn the car off while it is clicking it will not start. The clicking will usually stop if I give it a few shots of gas.
Sometimes the car will not start at all and it will usually start after a few hours to a few days.
The car has the engine light on normally b/c the lower O2 sensor and when the clicking is happening the light goes out.
The car also has a remote car starter but I have disabled it.
I have disconnected the battery and tried to reset the ECU with no luck.
Would it be the ECU itself? I don't even know where it is on a Tercel.
I wish it were as simple as my 77 Land Crusier!
Thanks in advance for any help.

98 Tercel (the beater)
77 FJ40 (AKA The Green Bastard)
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It could be anything. Normally I would have a more direct answer, but being an installer that commonly fixed botched remote start installs, I know how a bad install can damage just about everything electrical in the car. I would start by having the installer of the system and then a mechanic certified in 12volt circuits look at the car. If your installer used a "Add a Fuse" circuit or something similar, or wrapped a wire around a fuse or relay, or if they tapped into the wrong wire... you can get problems. 3 years ago? When did you have the remote starter installed? Was it just before you started having problems? Something is causing a fueling problem and I bet it has to do with that install. Good luck!
Sounds like a poor ground to me. When it is clicking and won't start do the other warning lights on dash work such as oil and airbag? Check the body ground first, from the battery to the fender. Also check the intake manifold grounds, there should be 4 wires, brown I believe that ground the ecu to the intake manifold on pass side. If they appear in good order then unplug the ecu and check the same 4 wires at the plug and have someone wiggle the harness while you check those grounds.
Yes, the ground wires are brown. That is a good place to start, but don't forget the interior grounds under the dash.
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