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I am in the market for a new larger truck. I currently have a 05 Tacoma and have loved it. One of the full size trucks I drove last night was the 16 TRD Pro Tundra. I loved the look and sound of this truck. However I felt like the interior hadn't really changed since my 05 Tacoma. While this is nice if I am going to put down 45 plus on a new truck I fell it should be some nice bells and whistles that come with this truck.

While I haven't ruled this truck out, how has the new Tundra been? I haven't driven one since they first came out since last night. I was impressed with the overall drive of this truck. I am just wondering how the Tundras have been and is there anything I need to know from current owners.

I am looking at the Tundra, F-150, Ram 1500, and the Silverado 1500. I still haven't driven the F-150 and plan on doing that today.
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