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Hello everyone,
It's Lasfit here!
Anybody is looking for LED headlight replacements with the latest LED tech, high brightness, build quality and longevity?

We're thrilled to tell you that our UPGRADED Pro-DC H11 LED headlight kits for 2017-2019 Highlander are available now. We would like to invite 3~5 Highlander owners to test out them with a special offer. If you're interested in testing new LED lights, or you want to get high-performance LED headlight replacements to replace stock halogen bulbs or current compact-size LED bulbs. Welcome to contact us!

Please contact us by email in accordance with format below:
1. contact email: [email protected]
2. Title: Your forum user name - Highlander Pro-DC H11 LED kits Testing
3. The email content includes:
* The year and trim of your Toyota Highlander
* Your current headlights are stock halogens or installed LED bulbs (NOT OEM LED Headlights)
* Why do you want to test these specific H11 LED kits?

We simply listed some specifics below, you guys can learn more about these upgraded Pro-DC H11 LED headlight kits.
1. Redesigned structure, more focused beam pattern, high brightness
Output device Asphalt Font Line Road surface

2. Unique circle cooling system, strong durability.
Watch Automotive lighting Light Product Motor vehicle

3. The upgraded wiring plug was made with more durable material.
Automotive tire Camera accessory Automotive design Rim Wheel

4. Custom-made, plug and play, perfect fit
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Light

Click here to check more details of these specific H11 LED kits with dual-cooling fan and dust cover
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