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Hey everyone,
I just moved to Ausin and have my family's 1995 Camry LE 4 cyclinder down here. Unfortunately I have come to find that it hasn't been properly maintained and has a bunch of problems:

1. The CV boots are leaking grease
2. The rear brake shoes are low, need to be replaced.
3. The engine coolent is dark brown. I found this out after I noticed it was low and added anti-freeze.

I really want to fix as many of these problems myself but I lack the tools and knowledge. Anyone out there in Austin want to help out a fellow (cash-strapped) Camry owner in exchange for some cold beverages:D ?
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Get a haynes/chitons or toyota service manual. See what tools you need for the job purchase them and get parts. If you hear a clicking when you turn all the way to one way. Then plan on getting rebuilt half shafts.
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