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Yesterday, I read all the threads of interest on all 64 pages.

I bookmarked over 30 of them that have answers for everything from intake, exhaust, springs, ground wires, headlights, pretty mch all my questions have been answered...

i also saw a bunch of bodykits i like and pM a couple of you. hehe

So now, you can count on me not making any pointless threads asking questions that have been answered many times before..

well, i guess this is a pointless thread except for the big thank you i give most of you who have been here a long time and know a lot.

BTW, i have worked with Liteglow and with Redline, if you have any questions regarding neon accessories or LED's installation technical questions or anything of that nature, feel free to PM me. i do that for a living.



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grapefury said:
yea i remember my first post on TN. it was really noob, something like "what can i do to my car for performance" :D

i got the usual "do a search" etc etc

a lot of good info here
that happened to me too:lol:
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