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I noticed that many here expressed minor problems when trying to change their air filters, so I always took note of those threads as they updated. Well, today I changed my air filter. Went something like 10 minutes! I unplugged the sensor plug at the top, and the three small vacuum hoses on the front and side first. The most difficult part for me was pulling up the top half of the air filter housing due to the wire bundle running around the strut tower. (I still treat unknown territory like the Highlander was just bought yesterday). Once I got by lifting the top half of the housing, the rest was as easy as the beginning. Again, thanks to all!!!.

Now it's time to visit the Avalon forum and search for threads to change my wife's '05 Avalon air filter.


EDIT: I forgot to say that I sure miss the days of just unscrewing a single wing nut, and lifting the big round air filter cover (the one you could flip over to make the engine sound "throaty").
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