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Thanksgiving weekend - Friday drag night

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Friday, October 8th, I was thinking that a bunch of us should get together and race at napierville dragway. for those who don't know where it is, it's ~60 km (from beaconsfield) - take the 20 east, then the mercier, then find your way to the 15 southbound. Took me about 45 min to get there including the traffic jam I was in. It's a good strip, and there's a gas station literally down the street. Drags go from 7-11 on fridays.

Who's in? :)
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Could be nice! I'll try to keep the calendar and the piggy bank ready for that date!
Darn... I cannot make it as I have a lab that day...
aight, the new event is this coming friday (postponed last 2 weeks due to rain). If you guys wann come, that'd be legit
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