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that is...

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That is the airflow meter light you have to change your airflow meter or make sure that air is getting tru when ur car is on.My friend had that light on on his supra we called it a bird cage .lol
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No no no no no no, no. Good lord.

That's not an "Airflow meter light." Please, Find me a car ANYWHERE that has an "Airflow meter light" I challenge you, but here lemme give you a hint

They don't exist.

In fact, when the Airflow meter breaks, your call will run very rich, will rev slower than a F350 w/a lawnmower engine in it, and will have a Rev Limiter at 2,000 RPM. (My bad, I've been corrected as to the rev. limit.)

Besides that fact, do you actually think that a $300+ dollar (new) piece of equipment would fail frequently enough that it should require a warning light? I don't. And if it does, that'd certainly be a car to avoid.

As a fact, It's the low coolant light. Open the overflow resevoir, fill it 1/2-2/3rds full and watch the light go away.And, it's quite commonly called the bird cage light.

We've been talking about it here: HERE.
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