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...Is still running just fine! For those of you who were interested in knowing, the whole issue with it occasionally not idling has to do with the !$%!#$ing fuel-cut solenoid. I'm not sure why, but one of the wires is falling apart. I've spliced it once, it's degrading somewhere else now. I'm beginning to debate just replacing the entire solenoid, it's bugging me. 80% of the time it works fine.

Also, when braking and doing a hard left turn, I get a "rattle" in the rear right wheel area. (Honestly, it sounds like a stone skipping across sheet tin.) Is this the CV join? Can a CV joint even make that noise? Any ideas?

I plan on pulling the wheel off and giving the brake a good look.

First time this happened is when an idiot passenger yelled "LEFT" when I was making a right turn. Idiot passanger damn near pissed themselves from what I put the poor car through to make that kind of turn doing 40. You all know the reflex.

They learned not to yell directions two seconds after I miss the turn. :p

anyway. The car is really beginning to show some potential. Has made it from new mexico to oregon, purring right along except for that part where it spit out a spark plug. I'm not sure if I dropped chunks of my cat all along the highway or not, but the exhaust sounds really good now. No holes that I can see in it though.

Had a loving encounter with idiot mechanics syndrom. Replaced the slave clutch cylinder, fished around in the master cylinder resovoir and found the paper bit that goes in the lid of the bottle.

My bottle still had it's paper insert. Go figure.

Thanks for all the help - FlashMN especially, you might be part of the reason I still have a car. ;)

Lets see, no real funny or amusing stories. Just happy to have this car in the kind of condition to do 65 to 70 from NM to northern OR (Literally a hop-skip-jump from washington.)
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