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The 3sgte engine information/pics.

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Hello, i am new to these forums and i am hoping i can get a little help on a winter project im preparing for.

I am an avid duner, which means i ride atv's and dune buggies at the beach, or anywhere there is sand. I want to build a mid engine rear drive tube framed dune buggy using either the 3SGTE engine or the Honda H22A engine.

I am a fairly skilled welder/mechanic(non automotive) and while the frame and suspension will be fairly easy for me, i do not know enough about the newer model engines to just pick one up, and fit it to a MR application. Especially the honda engine, being designed for FF, i do not know how i would connect the shift linkage. Thats basically the only issue I think i would run into with a FF engine, but it is enough to make a JDM 3SGTE engine my first chioce.

Another problem might come in that i want it to be center drive, and do not know exactly how this is done. Obviously the shifter has to move right, and I dont know if this is possible on a mechanical linkage engine, nor how to impliment it.

I really am going for high RPM horsies and torque, and will sacrifice all low end for it. Sand is all about running the engine too redline, dumping the clutch, and wheeling for hundreds of feet. And I know this is a toyota forum, and I own two toyota pickups right now and love them, but if anyone had any information on any other engines they think could be fitted to the application, specifically the H22A or B16B Honda engine, I would appreciate it. Even if its a flame post on why the H22A or B16B sucks so much, I'm just looking for some good information so i can feel i have the right engine for the application.

I'm sure there is more i am overlooking, although im not to worried about wiring and mounting once i get the engine, and I'm actually looking forward to moding till my tranny asplodes and upgrading. I should have about 4k to drop on the engine alone, which would basically buy me the front clip of the H22A and not much more, so im not sure on that.

Any information, or especially pictures of tranny/shift linkage/engine mounts, anyone has on any engine they would think would fit the application, I would love to have! Just think high reving turbo/nitrous horsepower potential in a 4 banger, with no area restriction. Custom mounts and open tube frame, baby! This is something that i expect to mod every winter, at minimum, and if i explode something, obviously sooner.

Thank you for reading this, i know it was long!

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That would be awesome.....

Seems like if you want to go with an MR setup, you would want to stay away from the Honda engines (unless you want to use an NSX engine :D). This sounds like a fun project, and a 3sgte will probably be your best bet.
Awesome MRQ, exactly what i was looking for! Since it is a cable shifter, and all other controls should be cable/hydrolic/electrical it should be no problem to make it a one seater center drive.

Ishcoleobo, from a mechanical standpoint, it should be equally easy to make the FF prelude engine a MR engine. I can't think of anything stoping me besides the shift linkage issues. Cables, hydrolics, and electronics can be extended and rerouted. Any FF engine with cable shift linkage instead of the solid rod type should work in fact. The skys truly the limit with self-fabricated tube framed dune buggies, no space restriction/mount restrictions here!

But i do like the 3sgte engine and think that i will be going with it, hopefully a JDM so there will be minimal tuning to extract maximum hp out of the little turbo.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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