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I just got my old high school ride back from my parents as they did not want it anymore. It was sitting in their back yard for 10 years! And when they told me I could have it title and all I was there with a trailer to bring it home that weekend. When I got there is figured I would at least try to start it and to my surprise(with a lil coaxing) it started right up! I still trailered it tho lol. So now I have my self a project car. I want to drift in it for fun but the 22re is a bit bland and difficult to drift as it is a truck engine. So I was thinking I would do a engine swap for a 4age Silvertop and make it a revy beast lol. This is my first engine swap and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or other suggestions. Or if the 4age is even a good choice as I still would like to drive it to work. My budget is under 5k usd
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