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The amazing, AMAZING story about my supra

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Back in '03, I lived around the corner of this crap car lot that was selling an '89 Supra Turbo for $1200. By the time I had the cash, he already sold it. So, I was with my parents and kids one day and we drove by this Shell gas station with another '88 Supra Turbo in the front. It has been sitting their since January of '04 so I decided to check it out. The mechanic there said to come back in 2 weeks. I went back 2 months later (June '04) and I saw a For Sale sign on the windshield. I called it and this russian guy said he was gonna sell it so I met with him last week Monday. He said he no longer has a place or time to work on it. So, he decided to sell it to me for $ 750. I took it and is no wparked in the driveway. I am grateful.
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Cool deal.

Does it run fine? How is the condition?
Everything is perfect. It has 35k miles on it. The only thing wrong is the head gasket which I heard was quite notorious. He took out the stock turbo and got it polished, a fat ass intake and a new exhaust. He didn't specify what brands he used. But, I got a carfax report and it came back clean.
sweet dude:thumbup: that a lucky find:eek:
Hell, it has to be one of the best things that happened to me in my life besides having 2 kids and an erectile dysfunction (personal...uh, don't ask). But, anyway, I see myself with that car for a very long time. Also, passing it down to my son or if not, me crapping on myself when I'm old and gray.
Post some pics so we can see the before and after. You know that after washing and polishing it, the car changes from $750 to $755.
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