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The Australia Thread

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So are there any Aussie Camry owners out there??
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yeah there are a few around somewhere :p:

like me for one :D
Hey there,

do you know if there are any Australian based camry meets around?
yeah there are some i think.....
ive never been to any though :p:

just check out
they usually have a few cruise dates for different states around Australia :thumbup:
i'm an aussie.:hi:
Aussie Ed said:
i'm an aussie.:hi:
Damn Sydney being so big and not many people in Perth!!
But good on ya for being in Aussie and driving a Camry!

*edit* or at least posting in the Camry forum..... :eek:
i'm from aus & new to this forum :)
excelent! welcome to the australia thread!
Hey, I'm in Melbourne. Anybody know any cheap places to get '98 camry parts around here?? Self serve wreckers would be good.
Yeah Aussie here also:banana:

hey im also new here,

Lee from South australia!

also run the SA section of!
One more Camry owner from Melbourne...
Toyota Owner.
This section doesn't get not traffic does it? Tell your friends!
Bluey..........insane red headed clown.

toyotas current = 2 unmoded SV21's 89+90 models.

toyotas past = 1980 toyota Celica 18R
1986 toyota SV 21
1996 toyota Hilux 4x4 22R
1983 St141 Corona 2S
2003 120 series Turbo Diesel GXL ( moved to Perth from Kalgoorlie sold 3 months ago)

Looking for TA22 coupe project or
SV 21 3sfe complete for spares.
looking for Mint SV 21 full import with 2.5 litre V6 would consider mods depends on car.
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Another GEN3 camry owner here.

not from melbourne though. Toowoomba QLD.
im in sydney and do cruises for Toymods car club.
gen 1 camry owner in Brisbane here.
So, when is the ''Round Australia Camry Cruise'' on? lol
gen3 camry v6 and gen4 celica sx owner here. from ipswich, QLD.

i also have a 77 ford LTD 351 which i hope to get on the road this year :D

v-cam: where did u get those indicator lenses from? they look cool. i just picked up a set of alloys from an 06 camry grande for my gen 3. will post pics in the next few weeks.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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