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So, I'm driving back to school near the end of Lunch, i'm almost back to the parking lot, when I'm waiting at a stopsign to turn right into the left turn lane to turn into the parking lot...

When low and behold, a bitch in a chevy lumina slams into the back of my car at 35MPH.

Everyone is ok, I was just getting ready to pull out. when it happened, so I didnt incur much damage because my brakes werent on.

All that happened was my back bumper was pushed in and my trunk pushed up and to the right a bit.

my trunk still opens and closes.

I'm happy though, my chassis isnt bent and my alignment is still dead on. On my way hoem 20 min ago I checked and my car still tracks perfectly straight.

but to top it off I was eating my lunch from Subway, a Chicken Parmisan. which is filled with sauce. sauce all over my winsheild and steering wheel and me.

Boy did it scare that bitch though when I got out of my car, because my face was covered with tomato sauce. that was funny, she started crying.

anyway, the lumina took massive front end damage. lets see:

Radiator, Airbag front bumper support both headlights radiator support, hood, both front side fenders and, there may be some suspension damage.

But what is important is that everyone is OK!

although she should have shown more compassion for the camry, c;mon ther is an inch long scuff of red paint on my bumper and my trunk doesnt sit right.

no paint damage.. to my car.

THe Curse is BacK!:cursin::cursin:

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92_Gen3_5SFE_LE said:
she was hot but she has a boyfriend, he saw the accident and drove over to console her.

He drives a Blue nissan 240sx with a red drivers door, I always laugh when I see it.

Sorry dude... u WERE really way out of luck.......... :D
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