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Well Guys the day has come, the project has sat in hold for entirely too long. And well other things need my money more its a shame I never actually got to drive the car after completion. However I would like to be able to think that its gonna live on forever through you guys.. I loved that car and it was my first of many cars and has treated me way better than any other car has I love toyota and always will even though im driving a nissan a honda and a land rover lol... I promise my return to the toyota land soon with something 2jz powered... I wont be leaving you guys (not that you care). But anyways Everything on the car is available, im not listing it here because i know it will get moved im just anouncing my retirement to the camry community here.. active retirement.. Well feel free to take a look at my auction so to speak...

Thanks for everything through the years guys

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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