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94 Toyota Camry V6
94 Toyota Camry v6
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Hey guys hows it goin?

alright its time for a major decision for my plans on the car...

so my friend got a 2002 WRX last night and he let me drive it today. Damn it was sooooo nice!

anyway being turboed and all, and haveing all wheel drive made the car a blast to ride, i really liked it...

anyway i was thinking today of maybe looking into getting one, however i would have to sell my beloved camry to have the money. I really dont want to do this but idk i thought i would get some info from you all...

I really want to keep the camry, but the only way i am, is if i
turbo it...

however, i have a v6 and an auto tranny. I looked into 5-spd swapping and it just seemed to be pretty hard for a guy who dosent have the right equpitment, like me, and also i have no idea where i would need to go to get certain parts and all that good stuff.

So here is my question...
is there anyway to turbo my camry with a nice turbo but keep the stock auto tranny and not have to spend all the money to swap?

any suggestions on turbo setups or FI routes i can take with my auto?

should i tranny swap? and will it be worth it? if so where can i get the info i need any recent e153 tranny swap threads?

thanks for all of your alls help :thumbsup:

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the only thing that i dont love about the WRX is the gas millage, it really isnt that good. other then that it pOwns the gen3 and just about every gen camry period.

you can turbo your auto tranny no problem. but you have to keep the boost faily low, depending on how or if you build the tranny. there are guys on solaraguy running 250whp on stock auto trannies and they have proven to be pretty safe, still id suggest at least a reworked valve body if your shooting for anything over 230whp. many who have done it say that the manual makes it a different car instead of a faster camry.

a company called IPT( they can rework valve bodies and make tq converters that would be a great benifit with the auto.

this situation is one where ya might want to consider the S/C as well. although it doesnt have the same potential as the turbo...if your limiting youself by using an auto anyways(unless ya want to be like tony) then your goals would have to be in the 200s anyways which is well within the SCs range. not to mention its much, MUCH easier to install, and all said and done would be about the same price as the turbo setup(+ or - depending on how ya source the parts of course). of course thres the little problem of finding one.
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