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The Dragons Tail

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Hey You All Here In the South,
So since its kinda impossible to get people together here in NC I have an idea. First off has anyone heard of the Dragons Tail. It's in Tennessee. Its a great place. So much fun to drive and a lot of people know about it if you are into drifting or any auto-x at all. If you want to look it up you can go to So since its hard to get people together I think we should all try to decide to go up there when the weather gets better. Any feedback is welcome. I have ran it a couple times and its so much fun. So lets get something going if I have to I can coordinate it all I just need some people to say if they want to go or not. Hope to here from ya'll soon,
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I want to take my ride out there... but after i'm done with my suspension..
I've been there with my friends and their RX-7's its fun as hell . I plan on taking my truck up there when I put my new engine in ( hopefully this spring?)
i don't want to go until the weather gets better but i would like to get a herd of people to go..i know alot of bike and car clubs go up there so why not the t.n. people..
If the dates work out, i am down for the road trip. Dont think i will run my truck though.
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